Episode 29


Ron LaBeau

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Hannah Brenner
L&D Specialist
Derek Smith
L&D Specialist
With special guest:
Ron LaBeau | 电竞王者(南昌)下注赛事网址
Ron has worked in various client-facing roles for over 20 years.  He spent most of that time at a major financial markets company in St. Louis, where he helped clients learn how to successfully use proprietary software to better help their clients with researching mergers and acquisitions. Ron joined 电竞王者(南昌)下注赛事网址 in 2017 and is currently a Client Success Consultant who is very happy helping his clients with strategies that help their learners feel invested in by their company.


In this episode of The 电竞王者(南昌)下注赛事网址 Podcast, Ron LaBeau joins us to talk succession planning. While succession planning is a long-term, complicated process, Ron offers steps companies can take today to ensure future success and preserve organizational knowledge. Here are three takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • Succession planning should be a priority for all organizations
  • Creating a culture of knowledge sharing and transfer shows employees that you’re invested in them
  • Promoting from within saves companies time and money

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